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Watercolor Thank You Cards

My birthday was last month, and I was blessed to receive some really nice gifts from friends and family. These pillows were probably my favorite :)

So I thought it might be nice to send out some thank you cards. A few years back, I found these watercolor resist cards at Michaels. They're made of watercolor paper and have words and pictures printed on the front in a clear, glossy ink. Of course they were on clearance, so I had to buy them even if it took me awhile to get around to using them.

I started by painting a thin layer of water over the entire surface so the paint colors would mix together in a random way. I used my Koi watercolor pan set for this project. They are relatively inexpensive, but are vivid and a good quality.

For the first card, I just painted random blobs of blue and green. I also patted the surface as it was drying with a paper towel to add some texture. I'll admit this wasn't my favorite of the cards.

For the other two, I decided to make a rainbow pattern that looked kind of like tye-dye. This worked really well, and I love the way they turned out. Wetting down the surface of the the card before adding the paint had exactly the effect I was hoping for because it made a more natural transition between each of the colors.

Since I didn't like the blue/green one too much, I thought it might be nice to doodle some flowers around the border of the card. I used some Micron pens for that because I could use several nib sizes and the ink is waterproof. The doodles turned out so well that I added them to the other cards as well. I also outlined the words on the lighter colored cards so they would stand out more.

The cards turned out pretty nice, and I think the people I'm sending them to will really like them. It's always nice to find a way to use your creativity to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them and everything they do!

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