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Sticker Embellishments

For my last project, I made a Baby Yoda magnet using scrapbook paper and stickers. To make the Baby Yoda sticker stand out more, I glued it to a few layers of paper, then cut it out. It added a lot of dimension to the magnet and made it much more attractive than just sticking the sticker to the paper.

I loved that so much, and it gave me an idea. I could make a bunch of those raised stickers and keep them in my stash as embellishments to use for future projects such as greeting cards and scrapbook pages! So I dug through my giant collection of stickers and pulled out a few sets I thought would work.

I ended up settling on the Mandalorian stickers, some Sanrio stickers I found at Five Below, heart stickers from last year's Valentine's Day clearance, and the butterfly and planet stickers from the Dollar Tree. For this specific project, I tried to use stickers that didn't have a lot of little pieces sticking out so I could easily cut around them.

Last time, I glued three pieces of leftover scrapbook paper together to make a thicker base for the sticker. The major benefit of that was the sides of the the embellishment were white, which made it look cleaner. It was kind of a waste of scrapbook paper, though, so I wanted to try using a different surface.

I chose a box from the recycling pile as the base this time. If you wanted to do this, you could easily use the a cereal box or something similar. I wouldn't recommend using a shipping box because it would have very rough edges and would be difficult to cut out.

The heart stickers were a bit translucent, so I decided to paint some of the cardboard white before sticking them down.

The thickness of the cardboard was good enough for me, but you could glue a few pieces together to make it thicker if you wanted. I experimented with this for two of the planet stickers, and it worked just fine. I wouldn't do too many layers or pick a sticker with rough edges for that because it would make it more difficult to cut out.

To make it easier to cut around the more fiddly edges, I cut broadly around each sticker. Then, I went back in and fussy cut around each one. The simpler stickers were definitely easier, but I was able to cut the other ones out with a bit of patience and care.

Unlike using the scrapbook paper, the cardboard had brown edges. This is fine, but I really liked the white ones on the sticker I made a few days ago. I decided to use a white gel pen to color the edges of some of the embellishments and a black sharpie for the ones with a black border. I liked the way they turned out, but it did make the project take almost twice the time.

This was a fun and simple project that was easy to do while watching TV since it didn't take a lot of thought. I often find it overwhelming to decide what to do when I go in my craft room because there are so many supplies. Sometimes it's also difficult to start a project when you don't have anything specific in mind. This was a great activity for that, since the only decisions necessary were figuring out which stickers to use.

I will definitely be making a lot more of these embellishments in the future and can't wait to use the ones I just made. I'll let you know what I make with them soon!

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