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Crafting on Clearance: Easy Birthday Notes

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

I'm trying to get better about giving my friends, colleagues, and family notes to tell them how much I love and appreciate them. It's easier to do this when you already have things made up whenever you need them, so you can just pull from your stash when you remember.

While crafting is one of my major hobbies, I also love scouring the racks at my favorite stores to find cool items on clearance. In this case, I found an awesome pack of birthday stickers at Michael's for a dollar. Before the mark down, they cost around $7.

I decided I wanted to make simple birthday notes with some of the stickers, which leaves a bunch for future projects! Even though the stickers were pretty fancy on their own, I thought they might look even better if they were raised up a bit from the surface of the notes.

Just like a project I made a few months back, I stuck them to a cardboard soda box and cut them out to make them thicker. Since the stickers were translucent, I painted the cardboard white first so the colors would stay vibrant.

After I cut them out, the stickers looked like this:

At first, I was going to make the cards from scratch, but then I dug through my stash and found something else that would work perfectly. I bought a Valentine's card kit made for kids on post holiday clearance at Target several years ago. It included blank note cards, stickers, washi tape, envelopes, and string. I think it cost 90 cents.

Just because the kit was meant for Valentine's Day doesn't mean you're stuck making Valentine's cards. You can always comb through holiday clearance to find stuff you could use for other purposes. In this case, I've been using pieces of this kit for years to make a bunch of things.

For these birthday notes, I selected a few of the note cards that didn't look so holiday related. You can see how they're Valentine's colors but can work for other things too.

I selected a few sticker embellishments for each card and attached them with Elmer's glue.

When I was finished, I had six simple birthday notes to give out whenever I need! If I forget someone's birthday, all I have to do is grab one of these from my stash.

Even though they're simple, they're still cute and are definitely one of a kind. I think raising the stickers made a huge difference in how "finished" the cards look. If you want to see how I did this with some other stickers, you can check out this post.

As a bonus, I made a scrapbook page for my own birthday with the stickers I had leftover.

That's if for this project. Don't forget to check out the clearance racks when you're shopping next time. I'd love to hear about anything you create!

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